Welfare Fund

Facility of Welfare fund is available for the department employees. In case of any emergency/tragedy, they can apply for the funds.  


Dispensary is established for injured/aggrieved police officers/officials in Police Lines in all the four districts of Faisalabad Region to provide the medical treatment in case of any ailment. In case of serious injury, it is advised to refer the patient to the concerned hospital.  

Utility stores

District Police Lines of all the four districts of Faisalabad Region contains the facility of utility stores for the welfare of Police  


Every Police Station and all the Police Lines of Region contains the facility of Mess for their staff members.  


Police Lines of Region also has the facility of gym for their police force.  


Police lines of Region Faisalabad have places reserved for sports like Football, Hockey and Martial Arts etc.  


Police lines of Faisalabad Region have Mosques for the pray