Community Policing

The Regional Police Officer, Faisalabad believes in smart and efficient policing for the smooth functioning of a society. In order to turn our dream of facilitating the public into a reality, we have taken the following measures:

Aman\Peace Committee

Aman Committee is also established in Faisalabad Region. The main aim of forming this committee is the cooperation of different sects among each other. Each police station has members of this committee.

Citizen Police Liaison Committee

Keeping in view the situation of increasing ratio and gap between Police & Public. The W/RPO, Faisalabad Established this committee. The foundation of Citizen Police Liaison Committee aims to establish a peaceful and crime free society, to eliminate the gaps between police and public, and to upgrade and modernize the Police Services. It is a non-political statutory body representing all segments of the society. It is working Under Section 168, Police Order 2002, and is coordinating with the district police in efficient community policing. As a crime free society is not possible without the help and cooperation of public, we highly appreciate the public efforts towards a peaceful community. .

Thikri Pehra

Thikri Pehra is working with the assistance of patrolling police to control crime in the Region and the outrcome of thekri para is very much satisfying and it is mostly take place in the village areas.